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TANE — Silver Objects

Balance plata—27.jpg

Inside the Tane workshop, perfect balance between high precision and artisanal work can be found; while using traditional methods combined with high-end equipment, they are able to shape with outstanding precision a precious metal such as silver.

 It’s a highly enriching experience to work hand in hand with craftsmen who are proud of their job and show deep respect for it while creating everyday luxury.

 These photographs were taken while working on the BALANCE collection, and our collaboration still continues with different projects such as Xarien & Thor, and many others to come. 

Balance plata—08.jpg
Balance plata—05.jpg
Balance plata—25.jpg
Balance plata—16.jpg
Balance plata—32.jpg
Balance plata—07.jpg
Balance plata—18.jpg
Balance plata—01.jpg
Balance plata—12.jpg
Joel Escalona