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There are three things that my father taught me very well: first, to perfectly organize a toolbox (activity that everyone has to do in my design studio at some point) second, to greet everyone once you arrive to a place — it’s a matter of education and humbleness — and third, rigor. The motherf*cker knew very well how to teach me the meaning of rigor by example.

The determination and conviction in compliance with rules and regulations is very important, because? Because order is civilization and culture. And chaos is overrated.

Now, there are all kinds of rules and regulations; those imposed by religion (which I do not seem to care at all) those imposed by society (meh) and those imposed by one, and these are the relevant ones. Because in my battle to find a balance between my professional and personal life and my battle to simplify my life it was good for me to make a list of rules that I played on both sides.

So, if you are designer or not, creative or not, student or not, having rigor in this list of rules, will avoid you many headaches:

1. — Do not trust the process. It's your job to make the process work for you

2. — Meet people outside your social circle

3. — Be thankful

4. — Never eat at your desk

5. — Address any complaint immediately. Overcome laziness

6. — Master simplicity

7. — Enough with the ego. Nobody cares about your ego

8. — Learn to draw and learn to enjoy it

9. — Where there is a will, there is not always a way. Make it happen

10. — Be true to your ideas

11. — Do not get distracted so easily. Everything that is not a signal is noise

12. — Stop complaining

13. — Obsessively be punctual

14. — Never get to a meeting without a couple of good ideas

15. — Have a plan B, C and D. Always

16. — You do not need the complete package; buy, as you need them

17. — Have questions? Ask

18. — Read

19. — Have an opinion

20. — One thing at a time, one thin well-made

21. — Be empathetic

22. — Zero excuses

23. — Create resistance to frustration

24. — Find your super power. We all have one

25. — Only accept and provide constructive criticism

26. — Ask for forgiveness when you have to

27. — Always give the credit. Always take responsibility

28. — If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it. Even you

29. — Your version of the past is your only metric

30. — Be positive, patient and persistent

— Joel Escalona

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