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Organized by PROMEXICO, time ago I was invited to speak at an event advocating the importance of design in Mexico’s industrial development. Several small and medium business’ directors and managers were invited to this seminar, as well as different government sectors. Somehow I was able to make my point clear: Design adds value to an industrialized country like Mexico.

According to PROMEXICO which aims to promote the attraction of direct foreign investment and the export of goods and services, as well as the internationalization of Mexican companies, in 2012 we were:

• 1st exporters of flat screen TV’s and refrigerators.
• 2nd exporters of washing machines
• 5th exporters of computers
• 10th exporters of cellphones

In the world!

However, how many of this products are developed and designed in the country?

Last year we were part of a research initiative by a major technology company who, want to design a new product specially targeted for young Latin American consumers, this is a great initiative to mix “local design studios” with international teams that work together to create a new product; from where I see it, were are taking the first steps in developing a product, from start to finish, taking advantage of that direct foreign investment.

To my fellow designers who always say: “There is no industry in Mexico I can work with”, I think perhaps you are looking in the wrong place, here are three things that I’ve learned:

1. Make an effort to understand the economic side of design
2. Build industry relationships — and nurture them
3. Be as informed as possible about the industry to a local and external level.

To the industry:

1. Design in your budget its not an expense its and investment.
2. We are team players, and we work hand on hand with all your internal structure.
3. We are here to design products that people buy.